How to Lease

A guide for current and prospective leaseholders in England.

This guide is for anyone already living in a leasehold property or anyone thinking of buying one.

If you are thinking of purchasing a leasehold property, reading this guide in full before you buy will help you understand what your rights are, which questions to ask first, what your responsibilities will be and how to get help if things go wrong.

How to Lease. A guide for current and prospective leaseholders in England. (.pdf)

Leasehold Information Sheets

We are pleased to share the first in a series of Leasehold Information Sheets created by a joint working party with our colleagues at ARMA IRPM RICS and LEASE. We have also received endorsements for the sheets from NAEA, Property Redress Scheme, Housing Ombudsman and the Property Ombudsman, who will also be making them available. The information is intended to provide a better understanding of leasehold for people who may wish to purchase a leasehold interest but may not appreciate the differences between freehold and leasehold. Further sheets will be added as they are produced and we hope you find them useful.

22013 Leasehold Infosheets-1 Your Guide (.pdf)

22013 Leasehold Infosheets-2 Who is Who (.pdf)

22013 Leasehold Infosheets-3 What is a lease (.pdf)

22013 Leasehold Infosheets-4 The Money (.pdf)

22013 Leasehold Infosheets-5 Your leasehold (.pdf)

22013 Leasehold Infosheets-6 Common Misconceptions (.pdf)